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Boulder Dam Brewing Co. opened its doors in February, 2007. The brewery was born from an off-handed remark between my dad (Toby) and me (Todd). Looking to leave the world of advertising, I mentioned to my dad that, ultimately, I’d like to run a small brewpub. Apparently, he never forgot that statement. A couple of years down the road, he approached me with the idea of opening a brewpub together. Boulder Dam Brewing Co. is the result of two beer lovers not wanting to “work.”


No matter where you sit inside the brewpub, the brewing system is there for you to see. Our eight 5-bbl tanks dominate the wall behind the 30-foot bar. A unique set-up, these tanks serve as fermenting, lagering and serving vessels. The wort is transferred into the tank and the yeast is pitched. When fermentation is complete, the tank is chilled via insulated glycol lines behind the high-polish stainless steel jacket. CO2 is added to the top of the tank, and the freshest beer is pulled directly from the tank to your glass. No beer lines, no cans, no kegs, no bottles.



Information coming soon!


Brewmaster: Todd Cook - Joining a fraternity at age 19, I was introduced to beer.  Massive quantities of really bland beer. A college buddy got me hooked onto German and British brews. I was stunned. Since then, I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, tasting the best and not-so-best! Back in the States, one of my advertising offices was located across the street from an excellent brewpub, Buffalo Bills in Hayward, California. I quickly realized the best beers in the world were being brewed here in America! I began home-brewing in 2002, and this hobby rapidly became a passion. I am admittedly self-taught. When people ask me where I learned how to brew, I say, “In my garage in Seattle on a laptop.” 


Very casual. Very nice. Very historic. Practically a museum in itself, the brewpub has (literally) tons of actual equipment used in the construction of the Hoover (Boulder!) Dam. The décor is centered around the 1930’s; about half being dedicated to American breweries that went under during Prohibition and half geared to the dam construction. The beer garden, which occupies the front corner of our lot and dubbed “The only true beer garden in Southern Nevada,” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, is the site of great live music on the weekends. 


POWDER MONKEY PILSNER: Named for the dam workers who packed all the explosives, this beer is flavorful and refreshing, yet not filling. Made with a combination of fresh Liberty hops from Yakima, Washington and the prized East Kent Goldings hops from England. Two-row brewers malt is used with a small amount of roasted barley to give this brew a well-rounded malty character and its light golden color. (5% ABV / 16 IBU)

HELL’S HOLE HEFEWEIZEN: We figured the workers living in Williamsville, nicknamed Hell’s Hole, would have appreciated a few of these refreshing brews. A thirst-quenching wheat beer, made with two-row brewers malt and heaps of white wheat malt. It is hopped with Liberty and the acclaimed Oregon Chinook aroma hops. If you haven’t tried this one, you haven’t tried the most popular beer brewed in Boulder City.
(5% ABV / 29 IBU)

BLACK CANYON STOUT: Named after the canyon in which the dam is built, this rich, dark beer is made with four varieties of malt. Minnesota two-row brewers, English chocolate, black malt and roasted barley give a pleasant coffee-like character to the finish. This ruby-black brew is perfectly balanced with East Kent Goldings and Liberty hops. (5% ABV / 24 IBU)

RECLAMATION AMBER: Without the bureau of Reclamation we wouldn't have a dam, or a town - or a brewery! Small amounts of English chocolate and black malt are combined with Minnesota two-row brewers & roasted barley to create this coppery ale. Finished with two Noble hops - English Kent Goldings and German Hallertauer.

HIGH SCALER IPA: Our boldest dam brew is named for the boldest dam workers. Dangling from ropes 700 feet above the canyon floor, they blasted off the face of the cliff and then pried away loose rock. Our version of this classic style uses loads of two-row brewers malt, white wheat and roasted barley. Seriously hopped up with Oregon Chinook and Cascade varieties, we throw an additional two pounds of fresh Cascade from Mabton, Washington directly into the fermenter. (6% ABV / 29 IBU)

SEASONALS: Dam Buster IPA, Raspberry Vice, Block 16 Honey Brown, Blueberry Bock, Blackberry Wheat, Cincuenta Cerveza!!, Smashin' Pumpkin, Ragtown Red, Reclamation Amber, just to name a few.


SHANDY: A classic British pub offering. Our shandy is half POWDER MONKEY PILSNER and half refreshing lemonade. Sounds weird? We know. Trust us (or at least the British) on this one.

RATTLESNAKE BITE: A popular “no-no” in British pubs - half brisk POWDER MONKEY PILSNER, half dry, hard cider. Dam good!

GOLDEN CREAM: Root beer float? How about a real beer float! A pint of rich BLACK CANYON STOUT topped with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. Not to be missed!

BLACK POWDER: Our dam black and tan is a delicious layering of crisp POWDER MONKEY PILSNER on top of rich BLACK CANYON STOUT. A true Irish classic!


Where The Locals Eat - Best Brewpub 2010

Review Journal - Best of Vegas 2009

Las Vegas Life – Top Ten Places to Imbibe 2007


"Hoppy" Hours Monday - Friday 4-6 pm

"Growler Night" - Every Tuesday refill your growler & get a free pint!

Tapping and Tasting events

Live Music indoors & out on the patio

Annual "Annibrewsary" - February 20th

St. Patrick’s Day - March 17th

Annual "Cinco de Brew-O!" - May 5th

"Brewing Passionately Drinks For the Cure" - October 2010 TBA

Annual "Halloween Bash" - October 31st

Annual New Year's Eve Party - December 31st


One and only location.



Information coming soon!


Growlers to go!


Growlers to go!




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